20 Ways Being Organized Makes Life A Joy

1.   You do 50% less work
2.   You know where everything is
3.   You keep appointments
4.   You’re on time
5.   You’re respected
6.   You have an organized stock of staples
7.   You’re never hungry
8.   You get to play more
9.   You have what you need
10. You’re healthy and happy
11. You’re a good example to your children
12. You set the stage for your creativity
13.  You know where you’re going when you go
14. You enjoy your memories
15. Your finances are clean
16. You have just what you need
17. You do what needs to be done today
18. You get all the rest you need
19. You exercise regularly
20. You have habits and routines that serve you

Let 2016 be the year you get organized just enough to please you. (Anyone in your home with a higher standard, needs to know where the vacuum, cleaning products and rags are kept.) Make the first place you organize be the cleaning center in your home and you’ll be on your way to getting organized enough to delegate to family members and run your home more easily with the help you deserve.

Last year I received more emails than ever before from all of you who are “getting” this concept of getting organized so you have more free time to do what you love to do. So many of you wrote to me how much you enjoyed the holiday season with little stress. I’m so impressed with those of you who have stopped trying and have started applying what works. If my sister and I could get organized, anyone can.

I’m the first one to admit that housework is not the most creative of tasks that must be done, but it really is up to us to be creative and turn them into sources of joy. Here’s a blog I wrote about that.

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