Back to Basics: Morning Routine

Dear Friends,

Some of you are having a problem with your morning routine. So I am going to walk you through mine. Now remember I don’t have small children.

1. I roll out of bed, but first I lie there and think about my morning for a minute or two. I say a prayer of thanks and asked God to send blessings for my family and my FlyBabies.

2. When my feet hit the floor, I make up my bed, sometime the cat is still in it. LOL He has to move quick. I start the day laughing. LOL Then I have to go to the bathroom. My bed making is a race to see how fast I can do it, because I really have to get to the bathroom. LOL

3. Most of the time I take a bath in the evening, so I don’t have to shower, but I always have to wash my turkey hair as Robert calls it.  This way I don’t scare myself when I walk into the bathroom during the day. If I shower it is short and not hot. I want to be perky.

4. Since I am in the bathroom anyway. While I am fixing my hair, brushing my teeth, and putting on my moisturizer or makeup. I shine my sink with a purple rag.  I also swish the toilet with the brush(soap is soap I use old shampoo or body wash). This is all done as part of my morning bathroom ritual. I don’t even realize I am doing it.  I keep a post-it not on the mirror, just in case I leave out a step.

5. Then I put on my clothes that I have laid out the night before. They hang on a hook on the door. Then I put on my socks and shoes.

6. As I am leaving my bedroom. I grab a basket of laundry that is in the floor of the closet. Shut the closet door. Turn out the lights and turn around and look at my beautiful bedroom.

Time expired is 8 to 15 minutes according if I have to shower. I am not kidding. I move fast when I want to.

Time expired 1 or 2 minutes

7. Take the load of laundry to the basement and start the washer. I don’t have to sort, because we sort as we remove our clothes into lights and darks.

8. Then I go to the kitchen. Set the timer so I won’t forget to put the clothes in the dryer. I told you I was a sidetracked.  If I started the dishwasher before bed, I empty it right then. So I will have a place to put dirty dishes all day. Turn on coffee, dust mop(2 Min) and feather dust(2 min) while the coffee is brewing, and then I open up my control journal and look at my routine to see if I have missed any step.

9. This reminds me to feed the critters, check my calendar, get out something for supper, and take my vitamins.

10. On the opposite page of my routine is my daily check list. I scan it and do a visual inspection of my kitchen, Livingroom, entrance, I know my bathroom and bedroom are finished. and my other rooms look good from the before bed routine.

My morning routine is finished: it has taken  20 to 30 minutes at the most. usually much shorter because I bathe at night. Then I get on my treadmill for 15 minutes or more.

This is when I do my morning meditation.  My coffee is ready, I grab my breakfast and my books and sit down to 15 minutes of inspiration for my body and my soul. Then I turn on my computer. Make my calls, answer emails, and get to work. I may have to go to the office. When I walk out the door, I turn around and look at the house; knowing when I get home my home will hug us.

Every day is the same. Whether I am home or in meetings all day. My routine is finished before I leave the house or do anything. My routine is more than just these steps, it is a way for me to bless my home, my family and myself. My morning routine is behind me. I have nothing to dread or to feel guilt about. I am free to focus on my day, What ever the day my bring. If I know the day of the week I know what my day has in store for me. This is my Basis Weekly Plan. Tuesday is my Free Day to spend with friends. I try to go to dinner while Robert is bowling.

FLYing is so easy when you have a routine,


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