Are You Suffering From HWG?

Are you suffering from HWG? (Holiday Weight Gain) It’s easy put on a few pounds enjoying the seasonal celebration we unfortunately have tied sugar to. But those pounds will fly off of you, by limiting your carbs (sugar). Here’s an email I received from Karen who gradually gained a bunch of weight, but is now happily back on track.

Hey Pam,

I bought your book [The Mouth Trap] a couple years ago and I had fantastic results by limiting carbohydrates. (I lost a total of 33 pounds!) Then as time would have it, I started “little tastes” of high carb foods here and there and this holiday season I went whole hog high carb. I ate way too many cookies, fudge, cake, potatoes, pasta, and bread and drank way too many sodas and beer! I’m so glad I saved your book because on Christmas night when everyone was asleep, I started reading it again and your understanding that comes through in your writing was soothing to me. I got the courage to weigh myself and I’d gained 12 pounds! Yikes!!!

But because of your book, I’ve lost two pounds since Christmas night and I know I’ll lose the remaining 10 by the end of January. I’ve learned I just can’t have very many carbs…they’re just not good for me.

Thank you for getting me back on track!


The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! is available as a paperback book, ebook or audio book.


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