Back to Basics: Before Bed Routine

Dear Friends,

So many of you are having a problem with your before bed routine.

The complaints range from:

1. I am too tired.
2. My list is too long.
3. My DH wants me to come to bed.
4. The Kids won’t let me.
5. It takes too long to do everything on my list.
6. I don’t have time.

You name it I have heard it. Well as you all know, I feel that this routine is more important than the morning one. You can do this.

As for me, My before bed routine is automatic. I do it and don’t even realize I am making plans for a good morning.

Here is what happens. As soon as we are through with supper, I make sure the kitchen is clean. I don’t wait until just before bed to do this. This is half the battle. A clean kitchen is the jewel in your crown and going to bed with it sparkling will bless you in the morning.  Most of the time, the kitchen is clean by 7:30 pm and if needed, I run the dishwasher either right then or before bed. If I run it immediately, I unload it before I go to bed, so I don’t have to do it in the morning. I love having an empty dishwasher all the time.

Next I usually take a bubble bath. This relaxes me. I am not tied to the TV or the computer. As I am running the water for my bath, I undress, (you have to do this to take a bath LOL) this is my cue to pick out my clothes for tomorrow. Do you see how this is working. In order to lay out my clothes for the next day, I need to know what I
have on my calendar.

So guess what, I have to check my appointments on my calendar. One thing triggers another.  It is very fast and automatic. I am doing this as the water runs into the tub. Also it keeps me from getting sidetracked. I can’t wait to relax so I am doing this as fast as I can. It is all a game with me.  So by 8:30 pm, I am bathed, relaxed, clothes are ready for tomorrow. (you have to be caught up on the laundry for this to work) and I have checked my calendar. Next thing is my free time.

I choose to answer your emails, watch TV,  listen to music, read, or write. Sometimes we go to bed early. All that is left for me to do is pick up anything that I have left out. Hot Spot Fire prevention. So I visually check my coffee table, dining table, and the end of my kitchen counter. Since I do this twice a day or more times than that(I pick up after myself), there is not much to put away. We may have a glass to put in the kitchen, (I put in the DW or wash it so I don’t leave it in my shiny sink.) that is about it. Then maybe put away a newspaper. I can then go to my bedroom. Turn down my bed, moisturize my face, and brush my teeth. Then I am ready to crawl into the bed. At this point I do my prayers, meditation, and my
gratitude journal. I then get to snuggle in for the evening with my Sweet Darling.

You see, my before bed routine starts way before my bedtime. You can do this too.  It is just a matter of keeping the whole process in the back of your mind and doing it one step at a time. Each step leads you to the next one and before you know it, your routine has been done and you haven’t looked at your list.

I want you to FLY, this routine gets your morning started on the right foot!


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