The Lady Reading the Book

Hi FlyLady!

Today is only my fourth day of FLYing, but I feel really compelled to share this story with you.

I began “Sink Reflections” on Tuesday via the audiobook. THANK YOU so much for reading your book to me.

I finished the book in three days. I listened to you read the book, because I didn’t have the time to sit down and read the words for myself. I was listening to the book at work and in my car. Even my 5 year old got in on the act. When he got in the car two days ago, he didn’t want to listen to the radio….he wanted to listen to “the lady reading the book“.

He is fantastic. LOL!

I began implementing my FLYing, by starting with two 27 fling boogies. One to donate and one for trash. It felt great!!! Here is the funny thing. I did them both from the top of my refrigerator! That tells you how much stuff I had up there. My youngest son is 3, and most of the donated items were bibs! Crazy isn’t it?

Since February is devoted to decluttering for 15 minutes a day, that is exactly what I have been doing. Each day I have been able to clear a “corner” of the kitchen and I even did the Zone 4 Mission #4 yesterday and cleared off my nightstand. I love walking in my bedroom and seeing a clean nightstand. It makes me smile.

My husband has noticed a few things as well. I used to wait until the last minute to get dressed. Now, of course, it is one of the first things that I do when I get up. My first two mornings of FLYing, I went into our walk in closet, changed into my clothes (since I had them ready from the night before), and my husband laughingly called me “Superman”. He wanted to know if there was a phone booth in our closet, because I changed into my clothes so quickly. LOL! You should have seen the look on his face.

I am so excited to have found you, and I am taking babysteps to getting my home and life in order. It will happen, one baby step at a time and with a shiny white porcelain sink.

I hope to send you more testimonials as I continue to FLY, because I want you to know what you have done for me and my family.

Again, thanks so much!

FlyBaby Tanisha from Durham, NC

FlyLady here: I am always happy to welcome new FlyBabies to the Fly Family!

Sink Reflections is my story on how I learned to FLY. I go on to teach you how to take BabySteps, establish routines, create zones and detailed lists, etc. This is FLYing in one book.
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