February Habit #3 A Smaller Home

As a natural BO, I was very frustrated to find out how difficult it was to declutter and stay reasonably organized in my new, much smaller home.  I had already thrown or given away a lot of things before the move, and continued to do so after the move, as I determined which things fit and would still be useful.  It seemed like it was taking months (and really was) and all my routines were disrupted by my new job of babysitting my four DGKs, a minor illness and my aunt coming to live with us.

I was so happy to find your website while searching for a copy of SHE that helped me decades ago.  I am still reading your emails faithfully- they help me take a deep breath and realize that I don’t have to do this all at once.  We have a few hotspots, but I am able to keep them under control-a few minutes at a time. I have not noticed any real help from other family members as some others mention, but they are probably more used to lack of CHAOS, since that’s how my home was for so many years.

Using your program, I am slowly getting even my workroom into shape- always the last place I organize. I am also very excited about using  Leann’s meal plans–this helps me keep on my eating program and provides diversity.


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