February Habit #6 I Think I’ve Got It

Here’s my own testament to “By George, I think I’ve got it!”   I’ve been on and off for years, simply because I can’t stick to one thing long enough to make a difference. I recently got back to give it one more shot.

Before I would clean when my house got dirty enough to where I couldn’t take it anymore.  I replaced my bed, and when it was delivered, I vacuumed under the old mattress which had been full size. I stepped down to a twin for space.   When the delivery guys were done, one asked if he could use my restroom.  Before I would have been embarrassed,  but complied.

This time I smiled and said “of course!”  I changed up the order each week for what needs to be done by writing a list of what needs to be done each week.   I just refer to my list to what I feel like doing,  and check it off as I do each one.    I get most of my list done each week, but if I don’t, I may do it the following week, but it gets done!

Gratefully trying to FLY!

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