February Habit #7 The Ripple Effect of Decluttering

Good Morning Flylady,

I am fluttering along, my shiny sink greets me every morning!  So far this month I have repurposed my coat closet which is located in my living room.  It is now my Cleaning Closet with all my cleaning tools in one place.  Can’t wait to add the Rags in a Bag package that should arrive this week.

Now about that Ripple Effect.  I decluttered my pantry of tempting treats, which will help in my effort to declutter my body.  I also blessed a friend of mine with 3 growing boys with the excess of my pantry.  Two happy ripples.

I am in the process of decluttering my closet and kitchen cabinets.  Amazing at how few dishes and clothes we really need when we stay caught up on dishwashing and laundry.  So many ripples from this effort though.  I am blessing a mission project with my parents church and several local families in need with the excesses of my cabinets and clothes.

And the best ripple of all…Yesterday my beautiful friend came over and because I had blessed my home already, we were able to have a great visit.  She loves to help me declutter too, so we worked on the plastic wear cabinet as we visited, then visited my parents, before we finally sat in my clean living room and caught up with each other.  She was amazed at my efforts in my pantry and cleaning closet.  I told her about your website so hopefully she will be fluttering soon too.

Thank you so much for your loving guidance, you are making calm out of chaos for so many of us.


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