I Need Tips for Reducing CHAOS

Dear FlyLady,

Our life is in CHAOS. I am forgetting things and missing appointments. I need help!

FlyBaby R.


The best way to reduce chaos in your life is to use a calendar!

As part of your Before Bed Routine:


In order to help teach your family how to use a calendar they need to see you use one!

Top 10 Calendar Tips:

#10. Put your calendar in a prominent place for all to see
#9. Use stickers to make it fun
#8. Post things on the calendar using the “DO IT NOW” Principle
#7. Color Code each family member; Pencil or colored address label
#6. Check your calendar as part of your Before Bed Routine
#5. Check your calendar again during your Morning Routine
#4. Check your calendar once more at lunch just in case
#3. Once a week synchronize it with all your family members
#2. Use address labels to cover up changes or mistakes

And the #1 Calendar Tip is:

Make a rule; If it’s not on the calendar it will not happen!

It is just that easy!

I want to know that you have checked your Calendar! Send me an email to FlyLady@flylady.net with CALENDAR CONTROL CENTER in the subject line! I would also love to get pictures of your CALENDAR CONTROL CENTER!

We have a great calendar that is big enough to hold your whole family’s activities! Check it out! You are going to love it!

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