New Upper Body Workout

Hello FlyLady,

I have never been even remotely tempted to write a testimonial until I got your Clog Cannon in the mail today. Since I didn’t have any clogs that needed tackling, I decided to just pump it up and see what happens.

So I pumped and pumped and when I couldn’t pump it up anymore, I pulled the trigger. It let out a loud pop, and big puff of air and even let out a little smoke at the end, kind of like a smoking gun. Cool! I thought, what can I do with this other than clean out clogged drain pipes?

Have I ever mentioned I hate dusting? Especially the impossible to get dust that clings to pleated lamp shades, the nooks and crannies of chandeliers, you name it I’m pretty much not a fan of dusting.

Enter the clog cannon. I pumped and pumped, and pointed it at a fabric wall hanging that is a super dust magnet…. BAM! Dead dust bunnies everywhere!! I laughed so hard I had to catch my breath. Pump and repeat….. BAM! No more spider webs in the corners of the room. BAM!! The truly annoying pleats of a pleated lampshade blasted dust-free. (I decided to use fewer pumps for the more delicate dusting.)

Now I’m getting a great upper body workout AND having fun dusting the house.

Thank you for a great product. I’m sure it will be great on clogs…. if I can stop dusting and laughing long enough to give it a try.

FlyBaby Lesley
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