I Was Excited About Cleaning Today

Dear FlyLady,

I can’t believe I’m writing this and can’t believe I got excited about cleaning today!  My husband is very organized and neat. I am the exact opposite.  I’m a SAHM with a very active two year old.

I ordered the purple rags a few months ago, washed them and put them away. Today, inspired by a FLYLADY challenge, I decided to try them on the dining room windows. The windows haven’t been cleaned since we bought our home, months ago. And the rags worked. So well!  They worked so well and I had so much fun cleaning them, I then cleaned the ones in the entry way, and the living room and so on. And then I started looking for other things to clean. I found some food splattered on a dining room wall. In our apartment, before we moved, I used a magic eraser for these moments. Which worked well but I think is a little harsh. In our new home the dining room is wallpapered above the chair molding, and has a flat paint below. I was hesitant to ruin anything but gave it a try. The food came right off. And the purple rags didn’t damage the wallpaper or paint at all. I’m thrilled! Also, my two year old would grab a rag whenever he had the chance and I didn’t have to worry at all about any harmful chemicals.

Thank you so much!
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