It’s So Simple

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for educating me on the risk of dryer fires! I had been using a lint trap with a hole in it for 5 years. Finally, I replaced it and hired a chimney sweep to clean out the vent. (We have an very long vent for our dryer!) The chimney sweep showed me that my dryer had been overheating as the heating element burned a mark on the back of my dryer. He said we were very fortunate to not have had a fire!

It was so simple to replace the lint trap…it was just one of those things that I finally took care of on Anti-Procrastination Day. The parts store wasn’t that far away, but I could have had it sent to me, too. I’m just glad it is taken care of and I can rest easy knowing my family is no longer in danger.

Thank you so much! Your routines have helped me bring peace to my home
and now I know you have also helped me save my home!

FlyBaby in central Iowa
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