February Habit #15 Our Senior Years

I’m back!  I had been backsliding for several years.  I needed motivation to help me reclaim the home I cherish.  My DH and I are in our senior years.  For years we have been on the merry-go-round of life with family dramas…marriages, divorces, births, deaths, & health issues etc. while trying to stay active and involved in our church and community.

Through the years I have managed to acquire lots of “stuff”.  Consequently, I’ve been trying to “organize clutter” with the hope of using, managing, or passing it down to the kids one day.  My awakening moment came when we had to empty my in-law’s house when they passed away.

I used the lessons I learned from that experience to step back and re-evaluate what we are holding on to and WHY.  Long story short, I looked up my friend FlyLady for moral support.  I was thrilled to see how it’s grown and expanded!   My DH ordered Sink Reflections for me at my request, and the rest is history!  I didn’t wait for the book to arrive.  I began doing the 27 Fling Boogie, the 15 minute Declutter and of course shine my sink and swish & swipe after I got dressed and tied my shoes!

It’s just been one week, but already our house is looking and feeling better than it’s looked for years!  To celebrate my return, I went out and bought a bouquet of carnations and put 27 of them in a vase on my “empty”, shiny dining room table!  The rest of the flowers are in various rooms throughout the house, reminding me of how beautiful our home is becoming.  Thank you, FLY LADY for being there when I needed you….again!

Linda,  from, Richmond, VA.

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