February Habit #16 I’m Adapting Routines

I became a FLYBaby in January.  I truly see the light at the end of the CHAOS that has taken over our home. I am amazed at how much I have accomplished in the last 4 weeks, all in 15 minute increments or less.  I’m always telling my DH how blessed we are.  If he only knew the whole story.

I’m adapting routines to what works best for us.  Since I don’t have a dryer, I have to watch the weather report before laundry is washed and hung out. Since there are only two of us once a week works just fine.  There are clear vanities in both bathrooms, a shiny shower, clean toilets, and less clutter in the drawers and cubby.

Last week I did my morning routine and found I had some spare time before I had to leave for work.  I started a 15 minute fling.  Unfortunately, the temp and humidity had me sweating like it was summer and I had to redo my hair and makeup.  A minor setback but will worth it.  LOL

Today we had a rainy afternoon.  I took advantage of the rain to wipe the outside of my car down.  What a difference!  I actually had something green (algae I think) growing in the layer of dirt on the roof and side panels.  My wet purple rag took care of it all.

One day at a time, one skill a month, thanks for the helpful emails that are keeping me on track.

Fly Baby KD

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