February Habit #17 It Does Work

I’ve been fluttering since the start of December, and I’m gradually catching on!  I was just reading your musing about how people write in and say, ‘this won’t work for me because my circumstances are whatever….’ – well, mine are pretty whatever too, and it does work!

My DH died just over three years after a long illness where I’d looked after him, and now I mostly live alone.  I’d spent about eighteen months gradually decluttering and thought I was pretty straight.  What I was lacking was the motivation to love my home as it deserves to be loved; the years of care giving had taken all my energy, and so very little had been done and there were hot spots everywhere.  But I’m still decluttering!  There are places I hadn’t got to, and there are things I thought I needed but realize now I don’t.

It is amazing what can be done in fifteen minutes, and I’m totally sold on using a timer.  I shine my sink, and I’ve got into putting my clothes out the night before.  I have a feather duster and a dry mop, and I can honestly say they’ve changed my life!  I can dust the entire house in fifteen minutes, and you’re right – done daily there is no sign of any dust or cobwebs.

I’m going to be relocating later this year, and so my home will need to be company ready all the time for when potential buyers come to see it.  I feel confident I can achieve this now, and I’m so happy with my expanding set of routines.

I don’t find living on my own easy, and my motivation for most things evaporates rapidly when there’s nobody around.  So I love the frequent emails!  I realize there is a community of us out there and it helps keep me focused.

Thank you so much!
Carol…..fluttering in Brighton, UK

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