Announcing Two New Tools in the FlyShop

Announcing Two New Tools in the FlyShop

This is a mop cloth that I designed from our detailed dusting mitt. It does an amazing job on my floors. It helps me to eliminate the sweeping step before I mop. Check it out in our FlyShop. We have lots of pictures.

The next new item is a Multi-Wand. It is flexible and has lots of ways it can be used.

One great feature is that it will attach to our mop handle and it will give you an extended reach. I wanted this tool to keep you from climbing on furniture.

Check out all the pictures for this great new dusting tool.

We are ending the Bronze Rag BOGO on February 24 at midnight EST.

We put together a new package for February’s Habit of the Month: The Decluttering Package.

Have you been procrastinating about getting your calendar this year? Don’t miss your chance!
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