I Dug Out My Copy

I first heard about your system 10 years ago. I was newly married, and overwhelmed by trying to keep our apartment in any sense of order, let alone prepare meals, pay bills, etc. I was complaining to my sister-in-law about how hard it was, and wishing that our place could be as spic-and-span as hers.  “It wasn’t always this way” she said.  She confessed that she was messy by nature, and told me that her secret was a special system called “Fly-Lady.”
My sister-in-law gave me a copy of “Sink Reflections” and I eagerly started reading. “Shine my sink?” I thought. “No way!” as I looked around at the overwhelming piles of dirty dishes and laundry. “This could never work.”
So the book languished on my shelf for 10 years.  Things changed in some ways:  we live in a new city, I have a reliable system to make sure bills are paid on time.  But one thing never changed: CHAOS.
A few weeks ago, my friend Polly invited my husband and me for dinner.  As we enjoyed a simple but delicious meal in her lovely home, I was so jealous. She could have people over at the drop of a hat!  Her house was clean, she was calm, all with no apparent effort.  “How do you do it?” I asked.   Polly’s answer:  a little system called “Fly-Lady”.
When we got home, I dug out my copy of “Sink Reflections.” I poured over the website. And I decided to jump in. For real this time.  I’m not just reading it; I’m doing it!
Now on Day 2,  our sink is shiny and beautiful. I did a 27 fling boogie and a 5 minute room rescue. My husband was so inspired by the shiny kitchen sink that he shined the bathroom sink!!
Thank you FlyLady!


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