I Feel So Blessed


I received this email and it made me smile. As Marla’s mentor and friend, I’ve been blessed to see my sister’s and my work be shared freely over the Internet! My blessing is with you, the wonderful, caring person you are to want your home to be cozy, organized and clean.

Dear Pam,

My New Year’s Resolution for 2016 was to get organized. I’ve read the Kondo way and it was just so boring and unrealistic, I kept shaking my head over her immaturity!! Then I Googled Slob Sisters because I remembered you and your sister got famous with that name and Club Organized was the first thing that popped up! Now I know you are back! I purchased your book The Joy of Being Disorganized and I’m on my way to your simplified use of 3×5 cards!

You need to know, I’ve tried all kinds of programs on the internet and like dieting they all have their claims to success, but your work is tried and true and it has inspired those others like FlyLady and Organized Home. Kudos to you Pam!

Best to you in 2016!

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