Lights and Chains

Dear FlyLady,

I know you like to know new uses for your rubba scrubba and I just discovered a new one today!

My bathroom is vintage 1970’s, complete with avocado sinks, tub and toilet. We also have hanging lights. Anyone over forty knows what I am talking about.  They hang from the ceiling by chains with the wire running through them. The tops of the light fixtures are very ornate, real dust catchers if you know what I mean.

I did not want to use water to clean them; water and electricity scare me. I have been so baffled by how to clean them that I have never done so and we have lived in this house for 12 years! After years of dust and hairspray and all other yucky stuff that has gathered on the chains and the ornate tops of the lights, they looked absolutely fuzzy!

Today I was brave enough to tackle my bathroom lights, because I was armed with my rubba scrubba! It is a great way to ‘dry clean’ my light tops and the chains and wire! The rubba scrubba is sticky enough to grab the dusties and remove them. The dusties dropped to the counter top and I was able to spray them with an all purpose cleaner and wipe them up with a paper towel. It worked great!

And the best part is that I know they will never be that bad again, because now I know what to do.

Knowledge is power and so is the right tool for the job!

Thank you FlyLady!
Debra in So. Illinois
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