February Habit #20 New And More Interesting Books

Dear Flylady and crew,

THANK you for posting the #5 Decluttering testimonial! I am the same: I don’t have much trouble letting go of clothes or knick knacks (don’t have that many to begin with) but BOOKS! A lot of them I need for my work as a teacher but even more have collected on the shelves while pursuing hobbies. I realize I won’t be able to read the old ones a second time (apart from a select few favorites) since there are always new and more interesting books! A couple of years back I decided to keep buying to a minimum and make use of the local library a lot more often. Since a move however, this library is no longer available to me. Then there are the piles of unread books from my book buying days – book shops were like sweet shops to me – so many interesting flavors!

Anyway, this sentence really helped me see my book shelf for what is is: “It was a journey to come to realize that those represented “me” to me; they felt a part of my identity.” With that in mind I will take a good hard look at which books can join the favorites pile and which books from the “to read” pile” I am ever likely to pick up in the limited amount of time I have.

As ever thank you all so much for your service – it is appreciated.


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