An Amazing New Use for a Rubba Scrubba

Dear FlyLady,

My 10yrs DD hates having her long wet hair brushed after shampooing. Over the years I have bought 3 different detangling brushes and they all were very similar; hard bristles which very noisily seemed to tear through the tangles.

Having read about how much animals enjoy being groomed with the rubba scrubba, I decided it was worth a try when we both washed our long hair tonight.  No noisy tearing; the rubba scrubba just gently worked it’s way down our wet locks at the first brush through, and on the second brush through it glided silently down with no effort at all.

DD was thrilled and thinks it is “the best detangler brush ever in the whole wide world”.  Thank you for this tool and to all those Flybabies who posted about grooming their hairy critters!!

From a shiny locked Flybaby in Manchester UK

FlyLady here; I used to have very long hair. I know how hard it is to get the tangles out without breaking your hair. This is a great idea!


This is a mop cloth that I designed from our detailed dusting mitt. It does an amazing job on my floors. It helps me to eliminate the sweeping step before I mop. Check it out in our FlyShop. We have lots of pictures.

The next new item is a Multi-Wand.It is flexible and has lots of ways it can be used. One great feature is that it will attach to our mop handle and it will give you an extended reach. I wanted this tool to keep you from climbing on furniture.
Check out all the pictures for this great new dusting tool.

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