No Longer Breaking Out in a Sweat

Dear FlyLady,

~I am so happy today, that I just had to share my day with your website. You have helped me so much. It is getting easier for me to take care of my home everyday, even decluttering no longer overwhelms me.

I have been FLYing, practicing your 15 minutes a day of decluttering for the month of Febuary. It has made such a difference!! Even my attitude is changing.  Usually when I do have company coming over, I start breaking into sweats over how messy and out of place my home is, it made me panic and I would be rushing to get it all cleaned as fast as I could, I would be literally out of breath, panting, with my heart racing. I realized through reading your emails, that this was my perfectionism taking over me…. But today was different!!

Today was one of the best experiences I have had in blessing my home. Today I have a good friend of mine that is coming to visit later tonight and he is also bringing a friend of his I have never met. My home was some what a mess in each room, and needed to be cleaned, as it was not company ready.  But this time, I was not overwhelmed.

I was calm, and relaxed….I decided to follow your “do it now, and dressed to shoes” rule and doing 10-15 minutes walk through each room, along with the 27 pick up routine, and hot spot cleaning. I also used your method for a quick clearing of the coffee and side tables in my living room and put everything into a laundry basket to sort through later, and every 45 minutes, take a break.

First, I spent 10 minutes or so in each room; using my favorite purple rags to clean the tables in the living room, bathroom mirrors, etc. It only took 5 minutes to do!! 🙂 Then I used a swifter sweeper to sweep the floors( I have all hard wood flooring as well in my home, except for two rooms) I did not need to vacuum, as I have already done this on Monday Home Blessing hour. then I spent 10 minutes cleaning my kitchen(doing dishes and sweeping the floor, cleaning the counters with the purple rags that I love so much!!) It took 5 to 10 minutes in the bathroom and guest room.

I cleaned all this within an hour or so, without rushing like I usually do. Just slow and steady, and now my home is guest friendly for my friend’s guest. I am so happy  that I sat back and looked at how everything was sparkling, it put a smile on my face and really made my day!!

The DarqueLady

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