February Habit #23 I’m Really Close


Always too overwhelming a task for me in the past, I decided to tackle a section of my living room wall unit that contains photos, keepsakes, kids’ art projects and hubby’s Army memorabilia (retired since 1985!!!) using the 15-minute timer. More amazing than what I’ve accomplished, although considerable, was some of the things I’d kept over the years!

I had old cards I’d received, tons of funeral announcements, photos of people no longer a part of my life, just general junk that nobody wanted. When I asked my kids (37 and 40) if they wanted any of their “stuff,” their response was, “Why would I want that?”   So I’ve sorted, purged, and organized, 15 minutes at a time, over the past couple weeks and I’m really close to being finished.  After purging and sorting the photos, I even have several empty albums!   I love your system and find that it really works for me!  I can tackle any job for 15 minutes, but looking at the “big picture” of how long it will take to complete a job overwhelms me to the point that I won’t even start!  Thank you for your help!

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