February Habit #24 I Actually Stood There


Dear Fly Lady,

I just started flying again after trying to years ago. But I was such a perfectionist I could not give myself any slack and quit the program. I have struggled needlessly since then. I started again after stumbling across a YouTube video. I have been amazed. After a few days of doing the baby step of shining my sink and the February focus of decluttering 15 minutes a day, I came into my kitchen yesterday morning and could not believe what I was seeing: my kitchen island counter AND my kitchen table were clear at the same time! That never happens! I actually stood there with my head whipping back and forth between the TWO clear surfaces (it was usually one or the other before)! And then there was my shiny sink.

Well, I am hooked. I really love the way you reiterate how we are not behind and encourage us Fly Babies daily to just jump in. I have to admit I didn’t think 15 minutes would make a dent in my housework, but honestly it was more than I was doing before as a perfectionist. When I was a perfectionist, I would have to have a whole day (at least) with a completely open schedule and I would clean all day and go to bed exhausted and discouraged because it wasn’t close to being done and I had spent all day doing it! To make matters worse, I would have feelings of resentment towards my own precious family! Then I wouldn’t do it. Then I hired a housekeeper! Then my husband changed jobs and I had to let the housekeeper go. I really want to do it myself. It saves money and now I don’t feel like such a slacker!

So, thank you so much for all you do. You’ve really impacted my life in a positive way and I look forward to more baby steps and my shiny sink.


P.S. I was cleaning out my two purses during a decluttering session and found a precious pair of earrings I thought I lost!

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