February Habit #26 I’m Unpacked

Dear Flylady,

I’ve been flying since right before Thanksgiving 2015. I have not missed shining my sink one night and that only helps to keep the kitchen clean. The kitchen was the Zone for the week I started so that worked great. Having the kitchen clean helps me to continue the routines as best I can. I don’t go crazy if I can’t get to a task for the day or the week done. I just jump back in where I am. I have 2 jobs which are both all consuming!!! However, little by little I am getting there. Wherever I’ve decluttered is still in good shape.

I’m writing because I returned from a long weekend last night and my suitcase is already unpacked and put away. This is NOT what usually happens. Sometimes my suitcase is still packed from the last trip and had been sitting in my bedroom the entire time. This time was different. Last night when I got in I said I’m exhausted I’ll do it in the morning. This morning when I got up my bedroom has nothing “hanging around” so after I changed my sheets (it was my day to do that blessing) I unpacked and ran the suitcase downstairs to its “home”. It didn’t take that long at all. I’m shocked. This has never happened before. Having a clean, uncluttered and organized home is really contagious and the best motivation to keep going. I still have a way to go but I’m encouraged and know I will get there.

Thank you Flylady.
Jackie, New York

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