February Habit #27 Next On My List

Dear Flylady,

Feb 16th… well my decluttering is still ongoing!  Today I managed to get rid of a whole lot of empty plastic bottles!  We are very ecology minded and so when I asked G if he would like a small task, he was very happy to have something different to do… wash and rinse out all those old shampoo, lotion, etc bottles, so they could go to the recycling box!!!

Next on my list was tackle the main bathroom bathtub…  as we usually only shower, it tends to get neglected.  Today though, after having my shower, G said he was planning on having a hot soak in the tub as his arthritis was playing up and he is still recovering from this blessed cold that we have.  So I attacked it and now we have one sparkling bathtub!!   It will be swiped later and the johnny pole and surround are for another day, but right now I feel I have accomplished something.  Decluttering and cleaning out one wall cabinet in the ensuite was the rest of my to do list for today.  Dinner is planned and I am now going to reboot the laundry.  Considering that I am still not completely better, this is an accomplishment for me… Baby Steps, one at a time!!

Thank you for your inspiration,

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