February Habit #28 It Can All Be Done

The Sink IS what it’s all about!!

I’m a 2-weeks flybaby and my kitchen sink shines. Lovely to see each morning!

This week my ‘other room’ is the laundry, and it was really scary to start. Not only neglected, but used as the ‘clutter room’ and the sink had been where I cleaned paint equipment as I repainted the rest of the house. I could always shut the laundry door, after all.

But with a new washing machine arriving soon, avoidance had to stop. The first 15 minutes I removed all the brushes, rollers and cleared the sink top. Then took a tentative swipe at a paint blot in the sink with steel wool. It shrunk! The rest of the first day was spent scrubbing, and then buffing the sink. It looks great! And suddenly, the whole room became a possible project.

You said five minutes a day, and in 27 days it would be a room to be proud of. Now I see that it can all be done – all I needed was a shiny sink!

Thank you so much, Flylady!

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