A Vacation Trip

Hi Flylady…

I probably get more good from the office in the bag and purple rags than anything.  I wanted to share about how it has blessed us in an  A trip to the

With my husband on a vacation trip.   I always refer to it as our life in a bag!   At the beginning in protective covers is all our home information…where we are located…both mailing and physical address.information on each person living there..  Date of Birth,  medicines and when taken, quick summary of health history. Height  and weight, all medical doctors and their contact information.   Our Insurances and medical information. And I take the Office in A bag with us when we leave on trips..or even just day outings.  When heading to the ER…just took his page with me.  Their response was I was a God send they wished everyone did this…it was so much easier than trying to remember all of this while under the stress of the emergency. Include page of Evacuation plan, your eleven step emergency list.  We list all doctors, including dentist,chiropractors and optometrist.

We love the bag, next I have out pets pages, vet info …all the same been thinking it wouldn’t hurt to copy pictures of them, well us also and have them included.  Tell all their foods, medicines and treats..as we have some health issues with them. .And their shot records. And who would be responsible for them if some thing happened to them.

Also have a contact list in there of immediate family…
Page of all accounts…and the 800 #,s  for them….my sister was on a trip to Spain, her purse was stolen…but she had all that information in her little Office in a bag, was able to immediately contact the credit card company and stop action on the cards.   We should have a page copy of everything we Carry  in our purse or billfold somewhere at home in the safe box…I kept these type items at the very back. So won’t be noticed if some one just looking..

Then on a trip I keep all the Room conformations, map quest directions…of course it is on GPS also…but once in awhile nice to look maybe at a map…night before travel etc.  Sent from my iPad, tickets to events we will be attending on trip..just any type reservation information..  All neatly tucked in a bag.   Even have some game rules, for when we are back at the motel and want to play dominos or card games with traveling companions…

Oh my yes we use it like you said … Writing material, cards, envelopes, return labels, small scissors, tape few paper clips etc.   Important mail.  Have a calendar in it.

Well sorry I just go on and on…but it is my life in a bag.   Thank you.   Another thing we had tickets for a show that very afternoon,  and our friends were able to cash in our current tickets for gift passes we can use anytime in the next 2 years….that remains in the OIB, so when we make that trip again. I don’t have to wonder where did I put them

So love your help, am a old Flylady member, but still do a lot of fluttering.
Thank you for all you share with us,

Oklahoma Flybaby

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