February Habit #29 The Rest Is Basics

You are so right!!!  A person cannot jump ahead without learning the basic routines first.  I am not going all the way back to Step #1, but rereading and doing from the beginning and from now on whatever the weekly zone is, make a point of doing something in that zone as my daily tasks.  The rest is basics.

As I am having a very painful day, it made me take time out and read it all again and see why I was exhausted.  The daily routines are for me returning to a way of life I somehow lost along the way… life kicked in with some very negative aspects and I forgot how important it was to look after me.  Now I am paying with the consequences… not just an extremely chaotic living environment ( I am being nice here!!), but also it has given me some serious health issues that I am tackling.  Thirty years ago I thought it wouldn’t matter if I just left it all to later… not a good idea at all!!!

Now I want a lot more years to spend with my children and watch and enjoy my grandchildren growing up.  So major lesson today is not overdo it and stick with the baby steps.  My pain is not a result of overdoing it, it is a combination of my problems and I am trying to learn how to keep on being somewhat productive on the bad days.  You are keeping me inspired, even though I have just recently found you.  You make so much sense and I don’t feel like I am failing at something else too!!  I love the emails and they do make me focus.

Thank you for being there… Jeanie

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