Look Mommy We’re Blessing You

Dear FlyLady,

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you.  My babies are learning to fly.  Once I caught them washing the bathtub with their sponges.  I just laughed and said.  “Hey, you’re blessing Mommy.”  They asked me how, and I told them that flylady says to wash the bathtub while you’re in it.  So now whenever they are in the tub they tell me “Look Mommy we’re blessing you.”  They particularly like using the colored foamy soaps.  Hmmm… painting and cleaning at the same time.  Who would have thunk.

But that’s not all, oh no.  Last night while I was doing the dishes my kids decided to help me with the next part of my routine, sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor.  They got out the toy mop and broom and simultaneously swept and mopped around me.  My 5 yr old dear son got “mop water” from the bathroom sink down the hall (I hope).  As they worked their way around the kitchen they kept telling me “Look Mommy we’re blessing you.”  And I looked.  To be honest, before FlyLady, I would have burst into tears at the muddy mess and had to clean it up.  But now, thanks to you, I was able to laugh and smile and thank my hard little moppers/painters for their hard work.  Guess what, housework done incorrectly still blesses the soul.

I have a FlyLady car magnet for two reasons really: one I like telling people about you, and two, I forget to take care of car stuff.  As I was pushing the cart out of the grocery store my 3yo dd told me “Look Mommy, you have a better-fly on your car.  Thought you might like to know.   I feel like I’m starting to come out of my cocoon myself.
Here is the mop kid sized with our new cover

Love and thank you’s,

Jennifer in Elko NevadaFlyLady here: This testimonial has me in purple puddles! (tears of joy) She is finding joy in all things. How wonderful that her babies are learning to bless someone else with their simple actions. What I love most about our mop and our feather duster is that become just the right size for little people.

This is a mop cloth that I designed from our detailed dusting mitt. It does an amazing job on my floors. It helps me to eliminate the sweeping step before I mop. Check it out in our FlyShop. We have lots of pictures.

The next new item is a Multi-Wand.It is flexible and has lots of ways it can be used. One great feature is that it will attach to our mop handle and it will give you an extended reach. I wanted this tool to keep you from climbing on furniture.

Check out all the pictures for this great new dusting tool.
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