Prepared For The Move

Dear FlyLady,

I am sitting in my living room right now — it is a beautiful Sunday morning. I’ve been watching my 7-year-old DS build a fort while his twin sister and Daddy sleep in a little. I listened to your testimony on your show this week and I also just read your morning musing on pretending to move.

I want you to know that you have literally changed my life. I am an American who married an Australian and wound up here in Australia 6 years ago with twin 1-year-olds and a DH who traveled for work constantly. I knew no one when we moved to Sydney. Two years later we moved to Brisbane and I had to find my feet in a new place yet again. Through all of this time, you have been here with me. Your voice has soothed me as I went about my daily routines, your writing has comforted and inspired me, and lately your nephew’s business has given me my own personal mentor (the amazing Diane).

When I first began fluttering, I stumbled often due to a rabid case of perfectionism (a lifetime habit of mine). This perfectionism led to “stinking thinking” and “martyred” behavior which really didn’t help our already stressed-out household. It has taken me a long time to get over that mean little voice in my head that tells me the house isn’t clean enough even after my Weekly Home Blessing. But I am happy to report that I’m now kicking that P-word to the curb!

I wish all the ladies out there who struggle with this issue could come over to my house and see a loving, happy home that needs de-cluttering every day and is not spotlessly clean but is company-ready in fifteen minutes with a Lady of the House who enjoys life so much!

We are planning a huge move back to the U.S. (Amen!) later this year. I am going to take your advice from this morning’s column and starting prepping now with de-cluttering. It costs a small fortune to ship your home’s belongings overseas so I will definitely only be bringing what we absolutely love and adore! Thanks to daily de-cluttering, my home is pretty well clear of things we don’t love or need but there is always room for more at the Goodwill store!  I will start this process today with 15 minutes of 27-fling boogies.

But for now I’m going to finish my coffee and give thanks for my wonderful family and for you too, FlyLady. You have helped this homesick Southern Belle find a way to smile when facing some very challenging situations and I will be forever grateful.

Much Love,

FlyBaby Amy    

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