Dancing Through My Morning

Dear FlyLady,

Your morning musing struck a chord with me.  I love the song “Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory”!  Today I do a big portion of my weekly blessing mostly due to the fact that we usually have guests on the weekend.

I’ve gotten into the habit of putting on energizing music as I buzz through the house such as Huey Lewis & the News, Gloria Estefan, etc.  Today was Michael Jackson.  As I was vacuuming, I thought I’m really having a blast, I feel like dancing!  For one thing, I’m getting a lot stronger and vacuuming isn’t so painful and it is great exercise.

For another thing, I’m enjoying this!  Gone is the martyr who is asking, “With all the other things I have to do, why am I always the one who gets the dirty work?”  I love making things sparkle.  I love giving to my family, I love having order in the home. I disciplined myself to stay on task and not get sidetracked.  (Believe me, this is a challenge!)

As I zipped around, I paused and Michael was singing “The Man in the Mirror”.  As I listened closely to the lyrics, I realized the only one I need to change is me. This is happening gradually and somewhat painlessly with your system.

I remembered that when you look at yourself or within, you will be miserable; when you look at others (comparing, criticizing) you will be discouraged and disappointed but when you look to God and His word you will have love, light, hope and JOY.

I am having a joyous morning and I am giving God the glory for his infinite love, grace and mercy.   I have no idea what my passion or mission is yet but I know that God has great things in store for me and that He supplies my every need and gives me the desires of my heart.

Thanks for all your patience, love and encouragement.  You are doing a great job.


Flybaby in Oklahoma

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