March Habit #6 Trying To Flutter

Dear FlyLady,

All these years I have been working outside the home and trying to flutter along with routines set up both at home and work.

My husband had a complete hip replacement about a week ago, and I’m home being a nurse for awhile.  Just yesterday, as I read the March routine, I had the usual thought again “This doesn’t mean me – I am up and at work, all dressed everyday.  Those emails don’t mean me!”

After lunch yesterday, when my husband had his meds and had settled down for a nap, I worked in another area, and put some things in the car for donation.  I was just going to run a comb through my hair and deliver the stuff to the local donation center, when I realized I was still in my P.J.’s!  I just stood there and looked in the bathroom mirror and laughed!

In just a few days, out of my regular “work” routine, I am now walking around in the afternoon with my P.J.’s on!   Unbelievable!  I quickly showered and dressed, then went out on my errands.

You can believe that last night as I got ready for bed, I made sure I did my “old” routine of laying out clothes and checking the calendar!

And this morning, I am up and “dressed to shoes” for work at home! How easy it is to fall off the FLYwagon! THANK YOU for everything you do and all the reminders to accept myself as I am, and where I am – even in P.J.’s!

Jayne in Ohio

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