March Habit #8 What Did I Learn

Dear FlyLady,

I am an expert flutterer and the most difficult habit for me is Dressed to Lace-up Shoes.

Last Friday, March 1st, after my husband left for work, I decided, “Okay, I’m going to get ready, shower, shoes and all.”

I had just finished getting ready when I hear a gentle knock on the door.  It was 6:30 a.m.  Hmm??  Who could it be?

It was a friend of mine and I forgot that we made plans to get coffee.  I opened the door, smiled and said, “Let’s go.”  She was none the wiser.

What made this more hilarious is that when I checked my emails later that day, I couldn’t believe that Dressed to Lace-Up Shoes is the habit for March.  So…what did I learn?

One, being dressed to lace-up shoes means you’re ready for things you’ve even forgotten; and two, checking my calendar the night before would be a good idea.

FlyBaby R

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