March Habit #9 I Stopped Fighting

Dear FlyLady,

I fought the “get dressed to the shoes” habit – the only habit I’ve ever questioned. I didn’t want to wear shoes in the house because they track in dirt.

Well, after dropping a bread pan on my toe, I decided to try it your way, since your other teachings have worked.

Here’s what I have learned: Getting dressed to the shoes is about more than putting on shoes. It is about feeling neat and tidy as a person and being a person who is ready to do anything.

Getting dressed to the shoes for me includes:
Hair and teeth brushed.
Moisturizer, perfume, and a little make up – I feel pretty every day.
Shoes – mostly lace ups, but I switch it up day to day to keep my feet from getting fatigued.
A belt – to make sure I am wearing pants that are ready to work (as opposed to PJs and sweat pants).
A sturdy apron with good sized pockets in front.

The lace-up shoe habit lead me to the apron. I know it may be old fashioned, but I really love my apron because it, 1) protects my clothing, 2) Holds my keys comfortably (I live in a condo and I’ve locked myself out plenty before I got my apron), 3) Keeps my phone handy, 4) Holds my pen and paper “brain” (an Oxford at Hand Notecard Case); 5) Makes it easy to carry in an extra cleaning cloth or pick up those bits of trash or other small items as I zoom around hot spots. I empty the apron every day.

A final thought, I’ve been de-cluttering over the course of the last year and three months. I am not a clutter bug, still, my goal was to get rid of at least 30% of my stuff. It was a random number that I picked, to make it easy to put a target on making choices. At least one in three pieces of clothing left the house, almost 50% of the books, lots of extra cooking gear, and even pieces of furniture. Next week, the last of the clutter is leaving via the Salvation Army truck. It was effortless and it taught me many a good lesson about my buying habits.

I am glad I stopped fighting the shoe habit (ps I got shoes for the house so they don’t track in dirt).

Thank you for all you do. Your system is wonderful and I am a better person for your words of kindness.

June, Illinois FlyBaby

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