What’s Wrong with Now

Dear Friends,

Why is it that we always need a starting point to begin to change our lives? You know how it is; On Monday I will start a new diet, quit smoking, start exercising or become a FLY Baby. Some of us wait till January 1st to begin a life change. If it is such a good idea then why do we need to wait for some other time to begin???

What is wrong with the Do it Now Principle? DING! I have preached for years that you are not behind and you can jump in anytime. Some days I have been known to start over in the middle of the afternoon.

Here is what I do:

Let’s say for some reason I am having trouble getting my day started and it is 2:00 pm.

1. I go look at my bed and if it is not made, I make it. There are days when I have to jump up and get the phone that seems to start me off on the wrong foot. So I just pretend to be getting out of bed for the first time.

2. Then I pick out some more clothes to put on. Because what I am wearing isn’t energizing me. I must have gotten dressed fast or I still have on my pajamas.

3. Then I go get into the bathtub. A good soak helps me to focus again.

4. Then I get out of tub and get dressed. As I am dressing, I swish and swipe the bathroom. (wipe down the counter, put things away and swish the toilet bowl with a Rubba Swisha)

5. I put on my lace up shoes then I get out my Control Journal and start down my list to see what I have left out. Most of the time I have forgotten to eat all day and drink my water. So I make sure I eat something and get out my  water bottle.

6. At this point, I use my timer, because my home has probably gotten more than 15 minutes worth of messy and it is time to attack my hotspots.

7. I work for 15 minutes and then I rest for 15 minutes. After about an hour of this my home is back in shape and I am feeling better about me.

So do you see just how easy it is to start over with your day! You don’t have to beat yourself up or go hide under the covers: All you have to do is start your Morning Routine over again. Don’t look at it as if you are behind! Just jump in and get started.

Are you ready to Jump in and get started today?


P.S. No more excuses; Now set your timer and get out your Control Journal!

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