March Habit #11 Somewhere Along The Way

Dear FlyLady,

I first joined your wonderful community about 9 years ago as a single girl in my early 20’s.

Since then, I have married and have two lovely young children, ages 3 and 1.  Somewhere along the way, I thought I had internalized everything I needed to know and your daily digests were delivered to an email folder that I rarely read.

When the digest went away, I suddenly had FlyLady messages in my inbox again!  I’m so glad I began reading them and refreshing my memory.

I am re-learning many old habits that had fallen off with the advent of babies.

I am enjoying this month’s habit of getting dressed to my lace-up shoes.  It really helps me!  I always resisted this habit because I thought it was just about preparing to be more productive.  Now I see that it it is also about loving myself.  Loving myself enough to take care of my feet!

This past weekend I went to the mall and bought myself a good pair of lace-up shoes and 6 pairs of comfortable cotton socks.  The pair I had were old, uncomfortable and I didn’t like wearing them.  As a result,  I had really dry, cracked heels which were very painful.  I also got some Vaseline which I have been putting on my heels at night and in the morning.  After wearing my lace-up shoes for just a few days, my feet are happy again!  No more cracked heels.

I always take the time to dress my children with care each day, whether we are going out or not.  And when they are grown-ups, I hope they continue to take good care of themselves.  Why should I not take good care of myself, too?

Thanks for the babysteps — for mentoring us to love and care for ourselves.


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