March Habit #12 The Purple Power

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for the Purple Power you have given me!

I have always disliked getting dressed first thing in the morning, so often don’t do it. I justify it because I still get work done, but by noon on jammie days, I feel grouchy and gross!

Then with this month’s habit, it hit me that the reason why I sometimes don’t get dressed is because I don’t have time to get dressed all the way!

Now I jump in the shower and then put on my clothes. If I have to drop my daughter off at school, I do and then put my make-up on when I get back.

Since I am half way there, I don’t have a problem finishing. I just have to babystep getting dressed to shoes some mornings and that gives me Purple Power!

That is much better than throwing my coat over my jammies to drop off DD at school! LOL and Flying with Purple Power!

FlyBaby Kelly, Huntington Beach, CA

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