March Habit #14 I Was Embarrassed

Dear FlyLady,

I have been a Stay at Home Mom for five years now. I have 3 beautiful children 11, 8 and almost 3.

We moved last February. Moving was terrible. I am a slob, and a procrastinator and we were still heaving things in boxes as we put them on the truck. I was embarrassed by the amount of clutter and filth in my apartment.

That wasn’t enough, I just kind of fell into a depression. Getting dressed for me was sweatpants and a tee-shirt. I barely brushed my hair until it was so knotted I couldn’t stand it. I was sad. I pushed my amazing husband away.

Then your e-mails I had unsubscribed from started coming again, and I read them, and they made sense.

The next morning I set my alarm half an hour early and showered, did my teeth, got dressed, styled my hair and put on some makeup.

This inspired me to clean everything else too!

My husband has never been happier. I hear “You look pretty” every morning he gets home from work.

You have truly, honestly made me feel so much better.
Thank you so much,

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