Offered Me A Tip

Dear FlyLady,

I want to thank you so much for ALL the great products in your Flyshop–I’m fluttering, but inspired! Anyway, my dryer was making a horrible noise, which I tried to ignore, but it got so bad I had to break down and call the repair man. (But he was pleased at how clean my dryer was–thanks to the FlyLady Dryer Lint Cleaner Kit!)

Anyway, it is all fixed (and clean) and the repairman offered me a tip: if you want your washer to last much longer, always wait at least a half an hour between loads to give the motor time to cool down. Doing six loads on Saturday is the worst thing you can do for your washer/dryer. So the FlyLady rule: One load a day, not only keeps Mt. Washmore away, but it saves your machines too! Thank you so much for helping all of us Flybabies!

Bless you,

Happily Folding Clothes in Oregon

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