Hurry Up, I’m Late

Dear Friends,

Hurrying never got us anywhere on time. What does hurry do to us? When we hurry we would forget our heads if they weren’t attached. So why do we hurry anyway? We hurry because we have PROCRASTINATED!

Hurrying is kicking our bodies into overdrive. It is using our adrenaline reserves when there is not an emergency. Since I have been living a peaceful non-hurried life my body does not function well when I get in a hurry. It is very rare that I am called upon to rush around.

When adrenaline starts pumping through our veins for some reason our brains quit functioning. This is why we forget so many things when we get in a hurry. In fact just writing about being in a tizzy is making my stomach feel a little queasy. I like going about my day in a slow and steady, one foot in front of the other, consistent way!

My routines help me to do this. I get the things out of the way that need to be done every day. This frees me to be spontaneous without being in a hurry.

Let’s look at what happens when we hurry.

1. We forget something!
2. We drop things and break them.
3. We have accidents.
4. We say things we wish we had not said.
5. We make careless mistakes.
6. We beat ourselves up again.
7. We skip steps to make up time.
8. We start flinging things because we don’t think we have time.
9. Our surroundings become a chaotic mess!
10. Then we get overwhelmed and give up.
11. To top it all off we are still late!

What good does it do us to get in a hurry! Being in a hurry doesn’t get us there any faster it just makes our lives miserable, the people around us miserable and sets us up to fail once again. Just taking a simple babystep to stop this vicious cycle will help you to slow down and quit hurrying!

When you catch yourself feeling rushed; take a few seconds to breathe and stop yourself from feeding that urge to hurry. As you look hard at what propelled you into this hurried way of living; I want you to see that it was all because of procrastination on your part. When you stop hurrying you may actually get somewhere on time!

Stop revolving, trying to put out fires of procrastination all around you. Quit allowing yourself the option of doing it later. We all know that those “laters” build up to “hurrying to try to catch up”! You can do this! One babystep at a time. Starting with going to bed at a decent hour so you can get up in plenty of time to get ready!

Are you ready to FLY though your day without feeling hurried?


Your timer can be your best friend and it can keep you from being late.

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