Singing the Praises

Dear FlyLady,
I’m writing to sing the praises of the multi-wand.  We learned today that it does a great job of dusting stair steps (the part not covered by carpeting) and around the base of banisters.  I’m temporarily in a wheelchair following surgery, but I can use the multi-wand to cruise around the house and easily dust the floorboards. I bet it would be great for dusting lampshades after it’s cleaned. How DO I clean it? With laundry detergent or dish detergent? I can’t “bless” away the dust by tapping it on the deck outside like I can with the feather duster.

I recently took advantage of your BOGO sale on the bronze rags. They aren’t as pretty as the purple rags, but they work just as well and I don’t mind getting them dirty to clean things. I’ll save the purple rags for mirrors, windows, polishing jewelry, etc. I also LOVE the water bottle. I can fill it with ice and water and keep it on the bedside table for a cold drink all night long and the next morning, too! Thanks for offering such great products!

A Virginia Flybaby

FlyLady here: You can just throw it in the washing machine and a little soap. I like to rinse mine in the kitchen sink. Then I hang it to dry.  Our newest package contains the Multi-Wand and Purple Rags. See the picture below.

Introductory Deal for the Month of March

All items sold separately would total $130.17. Save over $40.00



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