Purple Rags Keep Planes Flying

Dear FlyLady
Thank you for being there for all of us, helping us fly.  Flying has a special place in my heart since my husband is a pilot and aircraft mechanic.

We own and operate a small aircraft maintenance facility and one of my jobs is to clean airplanes.  Propellers, windshields and the leading edges of wings get plastered with bugs.

I have experimented with many tools and cleaners to find what will get rid of the bugs and grime without damaging windshields (plexiglass) and the paint jobs.

A few months ago I ordered the Rags in a Bag and got 1 each of the purple, bronze and silver.  I tried them out on an airplane to see if they were the magic rags everyone said they were.

Wow!  They are fabulous on the plexiglass, leaving no streaks and you should see how they work on the bugs with just water or mild car wash detergent!

I am always amazed how clean they get when I wash them.  The grease and grime always come out and they look brand new, ready to take on the next dirty airplane.

Thank you for these great tools. They are keeping our flying machines beautiful.

Schilling Aviation Services


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