The House Fairy is Magic

Dear House Fairy,

I love your website and our two daughters love you! We have been in your appointment book for a year now and the other day our 7 year-old dd said, “Mama I know who the House Fairy really is.” I thought, `oh no she’s too young to find out’, but I managed to smile and in a soft voice, I asked, “Who?” “I think the House Fairy is FlyLady!” LOL!!! She loves FlyLady and I’m sure you don’t care if she thinks that.

I also wanted to write about Winnie [my inner child] who didn’t think she would follow through with the program being a SHE and all. I was very skeptical too, but then when I found out how much FUN it was that changed everything. I manage to do better when it’s fun. Thank you for helping us find peace, order and joy in my home.



Dear Paulette,

I love FlyLady too! I am honored that your snuggle bunny thinks I’m FlyLady. I also agree with you that when we put fun into our daily routine we turn the mundane into magic. The House Fairy is magic and she can help take the burden of nagging off Mom’s shoulders. Once a child is familiar with her teachings, just the mention of her and that she just might be in the neighborhood and just might inspect a bedroom or two can motivate a child to tidy up…and even an inner child! Let your child take the two-minute test to see if the House Fairy will work for your family.

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