March Habit #24 Before Even Starting

Dear FlyLady,

I know you are right about getting dressed to shoes before even starting your morning routine because :

1. Since I do it, I can open my door at any time to let someone come or to go somewhere. People think of me as someone ready to go and do anything, instead of waiting for me and staring at my funny socks. The impression I make is really different and I love it ! Pre-Flady, would I have opened the door (in my jammies) to some stranger at 9 am ? I’m glad I can do it because the stranger was delivering me flowers from my husband for our anniversary !

2. My DD (2yo) and my husband are resisting this one. They have both hurt their toes this week and start to believe me now !

3. On occasions, I don’t wear my shoes. I’m dressed before I leave my bedroom in the morning, but the shoes are sometimes put aside during the day. Well, it seems animals have their own decluttering missions, because my cats are bringing me about 2 mice or birds everyday, on different spots in the house. This morning I have slipped on feathers, and, as I hadn’t learn to wear my shoes by then, I slipped on some mice guts this afternoon, with my socks ! Yuck ! Disgusting and dangerous (I’m pregnant and don’t want to fall) !

Lucie, Flybaby from France who is going to change socks right now

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