I Got A Lot Done in 2 Minutes

Dear FlyLady,

You said, “Tell me what you cleaned!”

First of all, I use my purple (mainly silver) rags as dish clothes.  There is absolutely NOTHING better!  (I purchased a couple of those silver threaded cloths that are supposed to be disinfecting – baloney!  They don’t clean as well and they can’t possibly disinfect when they get stinky so fast.)

Now, in two minutes I was able to clean two sections of my kitchen counter, including moving things around, and my range hood.  Granted, they are never dirty enough to need any elbow grease, but that is still a lot to get done in two minutes.

Thank you for everything you do!

NM Flybaby

FlyLady here: Our Rags in a Bag do a great job on greasy vent-a-hoods. We have had a testimonial about a purple rag removing years of baked on grease that the color changed from a retro green (really greasy dirt) to that favorite color of the 70s, almond.

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