March Habit #25 Saving Me Money

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for this month’s habit, it is saving me money.

I wrote just over a week into the habit to say how much benefit it is doing my neglected feet; which are now beautifully smooth and crack free from daily moisturizing as part of the habit.

I’d originally set myself a pamper mission reward for the end of the month to get a pedicure – the first in several years (as I was too embarrassed to show my icky feet). No longer! So I went for one yesterday instead. I’m going to give this reward to myself more often as it was a very relaxing experience and ooooh my feet feel good.

Now, on to the saving money part.

My place is very hot or very cold depending on the weather. This past week it has been really cold, but I haven’t needed to turn on the gas heating yet as my feet have been dressed with socks and shoes and no body heat is escaping that way. Usually once the weather turns cold I immediately need to turn on the heating.

But with my shoes on, I’ve not lacked the motivation to get up and do things right away; so I’m on the move throughout the day and into the evening, with my feet protected from dangers AND from the cold.

The cost of heating has risen significantly this year, so dressing to shoes and moving because I’m dressed to shoes is keeping me warm without the need to turn on our heater yet. I imagine this habit will significantly reduce me feeling cold during the oncoming winter months.

Thank you!

Karen, Fluttering in Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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