March Habit #26 I Love The Freedom

Dear FlyLady,

I have been a follower of yours since 2001, but have fallen on and off the wagon, so to speak.

I rejoined again in November with intent and have been happily fluttering since.

The Dressed To Shoes thing never resonated with me; I love the freedom of bare feet (I even run without shoes!) and didn’t just “trust you.” Silly me.

We have lived in our new home (smaller, with less “stuff” but closer to the kids’ school, temple, trails, everything!) for almost three years.

It took me until this month, with this month’s habit, to realize the reason my legs and feet were always sore. We have hard wood floors in this house (our old house had carpet).

I went to Target and bought the happiest bright orange shoes to lace up every morning. In less than two days, my legs feel better! I am sorry I ever doubted you and will faithfully do our monthly habits from now on!

(Shining my sink has stayed with me all these years, and Decluttering was such a fun one!)

Thank you, FlyLady and Crew!

Happily fluttering in snowy Boulder, Colorado,

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