Routines are Saving Me Money

DollarsignDear FlyLady,

I hope my email finds you well.

I just read Saving Money, I Can Help You and loved it.  Everything example you gave is true.  I wanted to share a few examples that I have recently experienced by having routines.

1.  I cleaned out my jewelry box and found several items I no longer liked, didn’t fit, etc.  I also did this with my pocketbook collection.  I took everything to a pawn shop and received $400 for stuff that was cluttering my closet.

2. By catching up on paperwork, I found the state owed me over $700 so I called and now they are sending me a check.

3.  I am having a yard sale this weekend to sell all of the other things that are causing my family stress because they are taking up space.  I am expecting to make a few hundred dollars from these items.  I have also send the word out to my friends and I have several joining me so the yard sale will not only be helping me but my love ones as well.

4.  My stepson and I cleaned out his nightstand, he found over $100 in gift cards from the holidays and his birthday he never used.  He was thrilled.

I created a detailed cleaning list customized for my home based on your lists. It’s been wonderful how much more I feel I accomplish by having a routine and a plan for the evening.  If I get my daily item accomplished in less than 15 minutes; I look at my list and work on something else.

By keeping my routines I have also noticed some of the flight plan actions I don’t even have to do.  For example, organizing under the kitchen sink.  I did that a while back and have kept everything tidy and only purchased what I needed and used.  This gives me 15 minutes to work on something else that does need my attention.

Doing a little bit at a time has been wonderful for me.   I feel more rested, organized, and on the weekends I have time for FUN.  I recently have been learning to play golf with my husband – we both love it and it’s great being able to spend quality time with him.

Thanks to you and your team for all you do.  It’s much appreciate.


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