Laughter In My Heart

Years ago I FOUND my FlyLady. I finally became the person hiding within me because of this wonderful program! Most of the habits stayed in place but I must admit I’ve been slowly falling off the wagon for a Long time!

I was decluttering my 30,000 emails flyway and I just happened to see one of those beautiful Flylady emails about a book called “Hidden Treasures”. I usually listen to a book on my 45 min. Commute home (my daily pamper) I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I had a hard time getting out my car, I can’t tell you how many tears I shed!

The memories of my own transformation and the SIMILARITIES. Because of Flylady I not only cleaned up my home, I decluttered my self-loathing! I started a career and though it’s a daily struggle I Finally.. love.. myself! I’m FINALLY bought body clutter and am restarting the Flylady program from the beginning. I did a 27 fling in my closet, I forgot just How GOOD it feels decluttering! The smile on my face and the laughter in my heart! I love Flying!!!!

Love you Flylady and ALL my fellow Flybabies!!!!


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